Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The River

The River

Life is a river
And, you swim in it, always.
It starts as a small quiet pond
made of rain and dead leaves.

The river always moves down
pulled by the earth to the sea.
It never rests.
So, you must always swim.

Coming from the high places, 
the river moves fast as rapids,
or slow through the plains.
But, It never stops completely.
So, you must always swim.

There are rocks in the river
so you must look ahead.
There are dead branches under the waves
so, you must be vigilant and strong.

There are others in the river
flowing with you to the sea.
All enjoy the view
resting through wide valleys.
But, all must keep swimming
for the river keeps moving.

The water is cold, keeping you alert.
The sun is warm, making you happy.
The wind is fresh, tickling your face.
And, the birds’ songs give you hope.

Water is strong and weak
and the river is its story
but, a story without an end
as eventually it flows into the sea,
which is eternal.

So, you must always swim.

Billy Radd